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Enhance the purity of your air, and the taste of your water with our high-quality filter parts at Reliable Parts. Our range of replacement filters ensures that your water, air, or dryer filter system parts are always in top condition. Featuring the EDR1RXD1 Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice and Water Filter, designed to reduce contaminants and improve water quality, our selection caters to various needs. Don't forget to check our extensive inventory for water filters to ensure your filter system's longevity and performance.

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  1. 12034239 Bosch Oven Temperature Display 100% Guaranteed genuine parts logo
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    BOS 12034239
    100% Guaranteed genuine parts logo
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    This is a genuine OEM item made by Bosch
    Special Price $190.60 Regular Price $211.78 10% off
  2. WX5X140 GE FILT Wrench H 100% Guaranteed genuine parts logo
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    GEN WX5X140
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    This is a genuine OEM part that works for some models of GE, and Hotpoint models.
    Special Price $20.55 Regular Price $22.83 10% off

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Replacement Filters

Understanding Replacement Filters

Replacement filters play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of various appliances. They are essential in ensuring that the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the general environment we live in are clean and safe. Different types of filters, such as water filters, air filters, and specialized filters for appliances like refrigerators, each serve a specific function in removing contaminants and impurities.

At Reliable Parts, we understand this and offer an extensive collection of replacement filters suitable for various brands and models. Whether you're shopping for replacement air filters, replacement dryer filters or replacement water filters, we've got you covered.

Explore Our Variety of Replacement Filters

Your search for the perfect replacement filters ends here at Reliable Parts. We specialize in providing filters that align perfectly with your specific brand and model, ensuring optimal performance and water quality. Our selection encompasses a wide spectrum, addressing varied filtration needs, and manufactured by many major brands like GE and Frigidaire.

Replacement Water Filters

Tips for Choosing the Right Replacement Filters

Choosing the right replacement filters for your appliances is essential for maintaining their efficiency and prolonging their lifespan. Here are some tips to guide you in selecting the best filters for your needs:

  • Check the Filter Size and Specifications: Always ensure you’re purchasing the correct-size filters. Remove the old filter and check its dimensions, including thickness, width, and length. This is crucial for appliances like furnaces, where the right fit is necessary for optimal functioning.
  • Opt for High-Quality Filters: Look for filters that effectively remove contaminants. For instance, in water filters, consider those certified to remove a broad range of contaminants, including heavy metals like lead and mercury. Check for third-party certifications by organizations such as NSF, IAPMO, or WQA to ensure they meet safety and performance standards.
  • Consider the Filter Type: Different appliances require different types of filters. For example, pleated filters in air systems have larger surface areas to trap more dirt and may come with an electrostatic charge for superior filtration. In water systems, you might choose between basic whole-house filtration systems and more sophisticated reverse-osmosis systems, depending on your needs.
  • Brand Compatibility: It's often recommended to use replacement filters designed by the manufacturer of your appliance. These filters are typically tested to fit specific models and meet quality standards. Using brand-specific filters can prevent potential damage and ensure they function correctly.
  • Maintenance and Lifespan: Understand the maintenance needs and lifespan of the filters. Some, like certain air filters, can be cleaned and reused, while others need to be replaced periodically. The frequency of replacement can vary based on usage and the type of contaminants they filter.
  • Installation Requirements: Consider the ease of installation. Many replacement filters, especially in water systems, can be replaced with a simple turn or push. However, some might require professional installation, especially if they are part of a complex system like an HVAC unit.
  • Evaluate Your Specific Needs: Assess your specific needs based on your local environment and the appliance's usage. For example, if you live in an area with high water contamination levels, you might need a more robust filtration system.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you choose the right replacement filters for your appliances, contributing to their efficient operation and the health and safety of your environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Replacement Filters

If you have questions about replacement filters, we are here to help. Below, we have answered a few of the most common questions we hear about filter parts.

What Are the Signs That a Filter Needs Replacement?

Key indicators that a filter needs replacement include reduced efficiency, unusual noises, or odors. For example, if you notice your refrigerator water tasting different, or your HVAC system seems less effective at circulating air, it might be time to check the filters. Visible dirt or buildup on filters, changes in water flow or air quality, and an increase in dust or allergens in your home can also signal that a filter needs replacing.

Are There Any Special Considerations for Installing Replacement Filters?

When installing replacement filters, it's important to ensure a secure fit and avoid common installation errors. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific appliance model. Make sure that the filter is compatible with your appliance and that it's properly seated to prevent leaks or other issues. For HVAC systems, ensure the filter is facing the right direction with the airflow. For water filters, check for any specific installation steps like flushing the system after installation.

Can I Clean and Reuse Any Filters?

The ability to clean and reuse filters depends on the type of filter. Disposable filters, as the name suggests, should be replaced and not reused. However, some filters, like certain HVAC or vacuum filters, are designed to be cleaned and reused. For these, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning, which typically involve rinsing with water or gently vacuuming. Remember that even reusable filters have a lifespan and will eventually need replacement.

Buy Your High-Quality Replacement Filters and Filter Parts at Reliable Parts

When it's time to get replacement filters and filter parts, turn to Reliable Parts. We're not just a supplier; we're your partner in maintaining your system at its best. With our commitment to quality and a comprehensive inventory of parts, we ensure that you always receive replacement filters you can trust. Rely on us for all your filtration needs.

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