ADH73150210 LG Drier Assembly

Part #: LGE ADH73150210
LG Electronics Sears Kenmore Refrigerator Filter Drier Assembly 5851JA2008S

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LG Electronics Sears Kenmore Refrigerator Filter Drier Assembly 5851JA2008S

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1. Turn off the power to your dryer and unplug it from its power source.

2. Remove the top panel of your dryer, then the front panel and door. You may need to unscrew and remove certain components to get to the dryer assembly.

3. Carefully disconnect all wiring connected to the LG ADH73150210 Dryer Assembly.

4. Unscrew the mounting screws and remove the assembly from the dryer.

5. Place the new LG ADH73150210 Dryer Assembly into position and reattach the mounting screws.

6. Reconnect all wires to the new dryer assembly, making sure that the connections are secure.

7. Replace the front panel and door and reattach the top panel.

8. Plug in your dryer and turn on the power.

9. Test the new dryer assembly to make sure it’s working properly.

Please keep in mind, these instructions are for general guidance and should always be used in conjunction with the manufacturer's manual, if available.
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