Part #: DM0616N

Summit Brands Dishwasher Glisten Detergent Booster

Part Number: DM0616N
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Product Description
Summit Brands Dishwasher Dish and Glassware Spot Remover - 16oz.

• Hard Water Spots
• Stains and Film
• Machine Cleaner

• Glisten Detergent Booster removes the hard water spots and filming caused by detergents and hard water impurities.
• A ban on phosphates in automatic dishwasher detergents has led to increased spotting and film on dishware. Glisten is a phosphate-free formula that will remove the excess spotting.
• Glisten is a super-concentrated dishwasher detergent additive and can be used with any regular dishwasher detergent.
• Glisten is safe for use in all automatic dishwashers.

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