Part #: 720-402

720-402 Robertshaw Gas Control Valve

Part Number: 720-402
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Product Description
Robertshaw Dual Valve Gas Control

The 720 Series Dual Valve Gas Controls are designed for a wide variety of heating applications and can be used to replace most constant pilot valves, including dual valve (six function) models.
The 720 Series constant pilot gas valve is a six function valve incorporating a manual valve, safety shutoff magnet, dual automatic valves (hence the term "dual valves"), main gas regulator, and pilot adjustment. Models are available with and without a pressure regulator. Uni-Kits® are factory-set at 3.5" W.C. for natural gas, but can be converted to L.P. by installing the regulator conversion kit included.
The 720 Series feature an integral manual selector used to select from the 4 gas flow positions – off, on, pilot and "set". The "set" position provides pilot only gas flow during magnet energizing and lock up. Built-in stops serve to prevent accidental setting to the off position.
The wiring connections, manual selector and adjustments are easily accessible on top of the valve. With a 3-9/16" swing radius, the 720 series lends itself well to replacing many OEM valves. Controls are multiposition and can be mounted in any position (except upside down).

To prevent unsafe attempts at repair, special screws are used and replacement parts are NOT available.

•1,000 BTU/Cu. Ft. 0.64 sp. gr. natural gas, or 2,500 Btu/Cu./Ft. sp. gr. L.P. gas @ 1" W.C. pd.


● Factory model 7200ER
● Inlet Size 1/2"
● Outlet Size 3/4"
● Side Outlets 1/2" FPT with plugs
● Capacity 150,000
● Reducer bushing included (NPT) 3/4" x 1/2"
● Description 24V
● Electrical Ratings 24 VAC, .5 amps, 50/60 Hz
● Pressure regulator natural gas factory set at 3.5" W.C.
● Pressure regulator L.P. gas factory set at 11.0" W.C.
● Pilot Outlet 1/4" tubing
● Ambient Temperature –40° to 175°F
● Maximum Inlet Pressure 14" W.C. (1/2 PSI)


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