Part #: 710-402

Robertshaw 24V Low Capacity Gas Heating Valve

Part Number: 710-402
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Product Description
Robertshaw 24V Low Capacity Gas Heating Valve

The 710 low capacity gas heating valves are designed for recreational vehicles and other applications with limited space. All models include a manual valve (gas cock), automatic pilot safety valve, pilot outlet, pilot gas filter and pilot adjusting key. THE CONTROL CAN BE MOUNTED IN ANY POSITION EXCEPT UPSIDE DOWN AND ALL MODELS HAVE 3-POSITION OUTLETS.


● Factory model 7000 ERLC
● Inlet Size 1/2"
● Outlet Size 1/2"
● 2 Reducer Bushings 1/2" x 3/8" NPT
● Temperature range (hydraulic models) 58° to 90°F
● Pilot outlet 1/4" tubing
● Gas cock dial marking off-pilot-on
● Maximum ambient temperature 175°F
● Maximum capacity natural gas 70,000
● Maximum capacity L.P. gas 112,000
● Maximum inlet pressure 14" W.C. (1/2 PSI)

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