Part #: B1809913S

B1809913S Amana Control Board

Part Number: B1809913S
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Product Description
Amana Goodman Janitrol Furnace Control Board Kit B1809913S

● Comes with an upgraded wiring change kit which must be installed.
● Complete wiring instructions.

Model Numbers used on:
GDT045-3 GDT045-3 GDT045-3A GDT045-3A GDT045-3B GDT045-3B* GDT070-3 GDT070-3 GDT070-3A GDT070-3A GDT070-3B GDT070-3B* GDT090-4 GDT090-4 GDT090-4A GDT090-4A GDT090-4B GDT090-4B* GDT115-5 GDT115-5 GDT115-5A GDT115-5A GDT115-5B GDT115-5B* GMN060-3 GMN060-3 GMN080-4 GMN080-4 GMN100-4 GMN100-4 GMN120-5 GMN120-5 GMNT040-3 GMNT040-3 GMNT040-3B GMNT040-3B* GMNT060-3 GMNT060-3 GMNT060-3B GMNT060-3B* GMNT080-4 GMNT080-4 GMNT080-4B GMNT080-4B* GMNT100-4 GMNT100-4 GMNT100-4B GMNT100-4B* GMNT120-5 GMNT120-5 GMNT120-5B GMNT120-5B* GMNT120-5D GMNT120-5D GMP050-3 GMP050-3 GMP075-3 GMP075-3 GMP075-4 GMP075-4 GMP100-3 GMP100-3 GMP100-4 GMP100-4 GMP100-5 GMP100-5 GMP125-4 GMP125-4 GMP125-5 GMP125-5 GMP150-5 GMP150-5 GMPE075-3 GMPE075-3 GMPE075-3A GMPE075-3A GMPE100-4 GMPE100-4 GMPE100-4A GMPE100-4A GMPE125-5 GMPE125-5 GMPE125-5A GMPE125-5A GMPH050-3 GMPH050-3 GMPH075-4 GMPH075-4 GMPH080-5 GMPH080-5 GMPH120-5 GMPH120-5 GMPN040-3 GMPN040-3 GMPN060-3 GMPN060-3 GMPN080-4 GMPN080-4 GMPN100-4 GMPN100-4 GMPN120-5 GMPN120-5 GMPV075-1.5 GMPV075-1.5 GMPV075-3 GMPV075-3 GMPV100-3 GMPV100-3 GMPV100-5 GMPV100-5 GMPV125-3 GMPV125-3 GMPV125-5 GMPV125-5 GMT045-3 GMT045-3 GMT045-3A GMT045-3A GMT045-3B GMNT045-3B* GMT045-3B* GMT070-3 GMT070-3 GMT070-3A GMT070-3A GMT070-3B GMNT070-3B* GMT070-3B* GMT070-4 GMT070-4 GMT070-4A GMT070-4A GMT070-4B GMNT070-4B* GMT070-4B* GMT090-3 GMT090-3 GMT090-3A GMT090-3A GMT090-3B GMNT090-3B* GMT070-4B* GMT090-4 GMT090-4 GMT090-4A GMT090-4A GMT090-4B GMNT090-4B* GMT090-4B* GMT090-5A GMT090-5A GMT090-5B GMNT090-5B* GMT090-5B* GMT115-5 GMT115-5 GMT115-5A GMT115-5A GMT115-5B GMNT115-5B* GMT115-5B* GMT135-5 GMT135-5 GMT140-5 GMT140-5 GMT140-5A GMT140-5A GMT140-5B GMNT140-5B* GMT140-5BB* GMT140-5D GMT140-5D GMTH045-3 GMTH045-3 GMTH045-3A GMTH045-3A GMTH045-3B GMTH045-3B* GMTH070-4 GMTH070-4 GMTH070-4A GMTH070-4A GMTH070-4B GMTH070-4B* GMTH090-5 GMTH090-5 GMTH090-5A GMTH090-5A GMTH090-5B GMTH090-5B* GMTH115-5 GMTH115-5 GPD050-3 GPD050-3 GPD075-3 GPD075-3 GPD100-4 GPD100-4 GPD125-4 GPD125-4 GSMS060-3 GSMS060-3 GSMS080-4 GSMS080-4 GSMS100-4 GSMS100-4

  • 18099-13S
  • 64958
  • B1809913
  • B18099-13
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