01100 BBQ Tank Gauge for 20 Pound Cylinder

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BBQ Tank Gauge for 20 Pound Cylinder 01100

The Original Grill Gauge™ propane measuring device is a must for every gas (propane) grill owner. Never run empty again!

The Grill Gauge™ accurately measures the propane in your tank. No batteries or power source is required.

Simply attach the Grill Gauge™ to your propane tank to get an instant and accurate reading of how much propane is in your tank.

Easy to use, dependable and durable, the Grill Gauge™ will Never Leave You Guessing!

● No batteries required
● No pressure needed
● Doesn't matter what the temperature is
● No hot or cold water needed
● Works instantly

Portable, take it to the propane retailer to check your next tank before you buy!

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