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Product Description

The G2 Phoenix Clamp Meter Series
The DL379Pro series offers the highest combination of functions, features, and safety offered in a meter today. Combined with The Hook extended clamp head, no contractor will have to compromise their safety, efficiency, or comfort.


● Detachable clamp head
● 750V AC / 1000V DC
● 400A AC
●2000μA AC / DC
● 40MΩ Resistance / Continuity
● 4000μF Capacitance
● -40 ~ 752°F Temperature (K type)
● Frequency / Duty Cycle
● µA for Flame Safeguard
● Non-Contact Voltage
● Diode
● MIN / MAX display
● Work light
● Magnetic mount
● Dual display with backlight
● Test lead storage
● Test lead holder on clamp head
● Data hold
● Auto off
● Three year limited warranty

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