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13131 Shake Away Plus Vibration Pads for Washers and Dryers

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Product Description
Shake Away Plus Vibration Pads for Washers and Dryers

KE Shake Away PLUS Pads effectively reduces the vibration transfer from the machine to the floor with a 5 layer design.
Great for Front Load Washers and Dryers.
Contains 4 KE Shake Away Plus Pads.

Same as 13131-CD Shake Away Plus Pads.

They Measure 2 1/2" X 2 1/2" X 1"

● Controls Vibration
● Will Not Break Down
● Easy Installation
● Reduces Overall Maintenance Costs
● Adds life to Machinery and Parts
● Practically Indestructible
● Reduces Noise
● Economical
● Unaffected by Grease, Oil and Water
● Requires no Glue or Adhesive

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