WE49X21874 GE Bearing Repair Kit

Part #: WE49X21874

Genuine OEM GE Part

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Product Description
GE General Electric RCA Hotpoint Sears Kenmore Clothes DRYER BEARING REPAIR KIT - For Units with Front Controls WE49X21874

• 1 WE12M29 Drive Belt Dlr.
• 2 WE1M1067 Green Bearing Slide
• 2 WE1M504 White Bearing Slide
• 1 WE14M124 Top Bearing Dlr.
• 1 WE09X20441 Felt Trap Duct Dlr.
• 1 WH00X5630 Instructions

We are a Factory Authorized Parts Distributor for General Electric Hotpoint. Trust Reliable Parts for all of your General Electric Hotpoint appliance parts and accessories needs.

This is a genuine OEM part that works for some models of GE, and Hotpoint models.

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