1010120 10" MARYS MARINATING STICKS - 2 Pack

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Product Description
10" MARYS MARINATING STICKS - 2 Pack 1010120

Mary’s Marinating Stick - It work’s Fantastic!
We tried Butter, Onions and Rosemary in a Pork Shoulder Roast. Everyone Loved It!

* Comes with two 10” sticks
* Made of high-grade stainless steel

• Simply take your favorite aromatics (onions, garlic, herbs… see enclosed recipes)
and cut them up and place in the open Marinating Stick, close and secure clasp
• Insert the closed Marinating Stick into the meat (allow the pull-ring to
to remain outside the meat for removal)
• Cook as desired!
• After cooking, let the meat rest for 10 minutes
• Use the pull-ring to remove the Marinating Stick
• Each Marinating Stick does approximately 6lbs. Use both if needed

That’s it! Only the flavor remains in the meat!

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