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Janitrol Furnace Parts

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0130F00010 Goodman Flame Sensor

Part Number: 0130F00010

Goodman Furnace Hot Surface Ignitor

Part Number: B1401018S

ICM280 ICM Controls Ignition Control Board

Part Number: ICM280

Furnace Flame Rollout Switch

Part Number: B1370108

B1370154 Amana Rollout Switch

Part Number: B1370154

Furnace Natural Gas Control Valve

Part Number: B1282628S

IG1121 Packard Flat Ignitor

Part Number: IG1121

B1370133 Amana Pressure Switch

Part Number: B1370133

S36453B001 Armstrong Flame Sensor

Part Number: S36453B001

B1809913S Amana Control Board

Part Number: B1809913S

Goodman Furnace Pressure Switch

Part Number: B1370150

Amana Goodman Janitrol Furnace DOOR SWITCH

Part Number: B1370819


Part Number: 0130F00504


Part Number: 73W76

Amana Goodman Janitrol Armstrong Lennox Furnace FLAME SENSOR

Part Number: R38492B001

RF000129 Amana Carbide Ignition Control Board

Part Number: RF000129

Amana Goodman Janitrol Furnace DRAFT INDUCER MOTOR

Part Number: B4059000S

Amana Goodman Janitrol Furnace Gas Valve LIMIT SWITCH

Part Number: 1370911S

Amana Goodman Janitrol Furnace DOOR SWITCH

Part Number: B13708-20
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