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GE General Electric Large Porcelain Broil Pan Set

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$24.20   WB48X10056

GE General Electric Large Gray Porcelain Broiler pan WB48X10056

● Two piece broiler pan
● Broils Steak, seafood and vegetables
● Dishwasher safe
● One year warranty
● 12 3/4"W x 1 1/4"H x 16 1/2"D Outside dimension

Other Broiler Pans available:

● WB48X10055 Small
● WB48X10057 Extra Large

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The WB48X10056 GE General Electric Large Porcelain Broil Pan Set is a stocked item and ready to be shipped to you today.

Replaces: 326297, 326297, 326299, 326299, 326300, 326300, 331592, 331592, 346003, 346003, 4334897, 4334897, 4336602, 4336602, BP102, PM48X3600, WB32X10016, WB32X10016, WB48K10003, WB48K10004, WB48K10007, WB48K10007, WB48K10008, WB48K10008, WB48K10017, WB48K10017, WB48K5018, WB48M0003, WB48M3, WB48T10002, WB48T10002, WB48T10005, WB48T10006, WB48T10007, WB48X0001, WB48X0035, WB48X0168, WB48X1, WB48X10012, WB48X10056DS, WB48X10056G, WB48X168, WB48X35, WB48X5002, WB48X5072A, WB48X5072R, WB48X5076, WB48X5093, WB48X5107, WB48X5590, WB49X0002, WB49X0005, WB49X0006, WB49X0010, WB49X0015, WB49X0043, WB49X0058, WB49X0087, WB49X0088, WB49X0126, WB49X0233, WB49X0500, WB49X0523, WB49X0568, WB49X0569, WB49X0589, WB49X0590, WB49X0627, WB49X0628, WB49X10, WB49X10004, WB49X10005, WB49X10115, WB49X126, WB49X15, WB49X2, WB49X233, WB49X43, WB49X5, WB49X500, WB49X5019, WB49X5097, WB49X523, WB49X5360, WB49X5380, WB49X5469, WB49X5471, WB49X5547, WB49X5589, WB49X5590, WB49X5597, WB49X568, WB49X569, WB49X58, WB49X589, WB49X590, WB49X6, WB49X627, WB49X628, WB49X87, WB49X88

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