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Whirlpool Jenn-Air KitchenAid Maytag Roper Admiral Sears Kenmore Norge Magic Chef Amana Refrigerator Temperature Cold Control

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$73.62   C8946703

Whirlpool Jenn-Air KitchenAid Maytag Roper Admiral Sears Kenmore Norge Magic Chef Amana Refrigerator Temperature Cold Control Refrigerator C8946703

We are a Factory Authorized Parts Distributor for Whirlpool Maytag. Call us today for all of your Whirlpool Maytag appliance parts and accessories needs. Toll Free: 1-877-733-9241

The C8946703 Whirlpool Jenn-Air KitchenAid Maytag Roper Admiral Sears Kenmore Norge Magic Chef Amana Refrigerator Temperature Cold Control is Not in Stock, please call 1-877-733-9241 for availability.

Fits Models:   ARB2107AB (BOM: PARB2107AB0) , ARB2107AB (BOM: PARB2107AB1) , ARB2107AB (BOM: PARB2107AB2) , ARB2107AB (BOM: PARB2107AB3) , ARB2107AC (BOM: PARB2107AC0) , ARB2107AC (BOM: PARB2107AC1) , ARB2107AC (BOM: PARB2107AC2) , ARB2107AC (BOM: PARB2107AC3) , ARB2107AS (BOM: PARB2107AS0) , ARB2107AS (BOM: PARB2107AS1) , ARB2107AS (BOM: PARB2107AS2) , ARB2107AS (BOM: PARB2107AS3) , ARB2107AW (BOM: PARB2107AW0) , ARB2107AW (BOM: PARB2107AW1) , ARB2107AW (BOM: PARB2107AW2) , ARB2107AW (BOM: PARB2107AW3) , ARB2109ABR (BOM: PARB2109AB0) , ARB2109ABR (BOM: PARB2109AB1) , ARB2109ABR (BOM: PARB2109AB2) , ARB2109ABR (BOM: PARB2109AB3) , ARB2109ACR (BOM: PARB2109AC0) , ARB2109ACR (BOM: PARB2109AC1) , ARB2109ACR (BOM: PARB2109AC2) , ARB2109ACR (BOM: PARB2109AC3) , ARB2109ASR (BOM: PARB2109AS0) , ARB2109ASR (BOM: PARB2109AS1) , ARB2109ASR (BOM: PARB2109AS2) , ARB2109ASR (BOM: PARB2109AS3) , ARB2109AWR (BOM: PARB2109AW0) , ARB2109AWR (BOM: PARB2109AW1) , ARB2109AWR (BOM: PARB2109AW2) , ARB2109AWR (BOM: PARB2109AW3) , ARB210BAC (BOM: PARB210BAC0) , ARB210BAC (BOM: PARB210BAC1) , ARB210BAW (BOM: PARB210BAW0) , ARB210BAW (BOM: PARB210BAW1) , ARB2117AB (BOM: PARB2117AB0) , ARB2117AB (BOM: PARB2117AB1) , ARB2117AC (BOM: PARB2117AC0) , ARB2117AC (BOM: PARB2117AC1) , ARB2117AS (BOM: PARB2117AS0) , ARB2117AS (BOM: PARB2117AS1) , ARB2117AW (BOM: PARB2117AW0) , ARB2117AW (BOM: PARB2117AW1) , ARB2117BB (BOM: PARB2117BB0) , ARB2117BB (BOM: PARB2117BB1) , ARB2117BC (BOM: PARB2117BC0) , ARB2117BC (BOM: PARB2117BC1) , ARB2117BS (BOM: PARB2117BS0) , ARB2117BS (BOM: PARB2117BS1) , ARB2117BW (BOM: PARB2117BW0) , ARB2117BW (BOM: PARB2117BW1) , BB20V1E (BOM: P1321314W B) , BB20V1PS (BOM: P1321315W S) , BB20V1S (BOM: P1321314W S) , BB20V1W (BOM: P1321314W W) , BB20VE (BOM: P1321301W E) , BB20VE (BOM: P1321307W B) , BB20VPSE (BOM: P1321302W E) , BB20VPSE (BOM: P1321308W B) , BB20VSE (BOM: P1321301W S) , BB20VSE (BOM: P1321307W S) , BB20VW (BOM: P1321301W W) , BB20VW (BOM: P1321307W W) , BBI20TE (BOM: P1199101W E) , BBI20TL (BOM: P1199101W L) , BBI20TPE (BOM: P1199102W E) , BBI20TPL (BOM: P1199102W L) , BBI20TPSW (BOM: P1199103W W) , BBI20TPW (BOM: P1199102W W) , BBI20TW (BOM: P1199101W W) , BC20TL (BOM: P1196511W L) , BC20TL (BOM: P1196514W L) , BC20TW (BOM: P1196511W W) , BC20TW (BOM: P1196514W W) , BC21V1C (BOM: P1325022W C) , BC21V1C (BOM: P1325027W C) , BC21V1W (BOM: P1325022W W) , BC21V1W (BOM: P1325027W W) , BC21VC (BOM: P1325004W C) , BC21VC (BOM: P1325016W C) , BC21VL (BOM: P1321506W L) , BC21VL (BOM: P1325004W L) , BC21VW (BOM: P1321506W W) , BC21VW (BOM: P1325004W W) , BC21VW (BOM: P1325016W W) , BCI20TL (BOM: P1309701W L) , BCI20TL (BOM: P1309702W L) , BCI20TW (BOM: P1309701W W) , BCI20TW (BOM: P1309702W W) , BCI21V1C (BOM: P1325023W C) , BCI21V1C (BOM: P1325029W C) , BCI21V1W (BOM: P1325023W W) , BCI21V1W (BOM: P1325029W W) , BCI21VC (BOM: P1325005W C) , BCI21VC (BOM: P1325017W C) , BCI21VL (BOM: P1321507W L) , BCI21VL (BOM: P1325005W L) , BCI21VW (BOM: P1321507W W) , BCI21VW (BOM: P1325005W W) , BCI21VW (BOM: P1325017W W) , BG18VL (BOM: P1320704W L) , BG18VW (BOM: P1320704W W) , BG20T2L (BOM: P1316303W L) , BG20T2W (BOM: P1316303W W) , BG20TL (BOM: P1196510W L) , BG20TL (BOM: P1196516W L) , BG20TW (BOM: P1196510W W) , BG20TW (BOM: P1196516W W) , BG21V1C (BOM: P1325020W C) , BG21V1C (BOM: P1325026W C) , BG21V1W (BOM: P1325020W W) , BG21V1W (BOM: P1325026W W) , BG21VC (BOM: P1325001W C) , BG21VC (BOM: P1325013W C) , BG21VL (BOM: P1321501W L) , BG21VL (BOM: P1325001W L) , BG21VW (BOM: P1321501W W) , BG21VW (BOM: P1325001W W) , BG21VW (BOM: P1325013W W) , BH20S5L (BOM: P1196501W) , BH20S5L (BOM: P1196503W L) , BH20S5L (BOM: P1196505W L) , BH20S5W (BOM: P1196501W) , BH20S5W (BOM: P1196503W W) , BH20S5W (BOM: P1196505W W) , BH20TL (BOM: P1317003W L) , BH20TW (BOM: P1316304W W) , BM20TBL (BOM: P1305801W L) , BM20TBW (BOM: P1305801W W) , BP22A2E (BOM: P1161605W E) , BP22A2L (BOM: P1161605W L) , BP22AW (BOM: P1161605W W) , BQ20RB (BOM: P1161502W) , BQ20RB (BOM: P1161505W) , BQ20RBG (BOM: P1161502W G) , BQ20RBL (BOM: P1161502W L) , BQ20RBL (BOM: P1161505W L) , BQ20RBW (BOM: P1161502W W) , BQ20RBW (BOM: P1161505W W) , BR18V1C (BOM: P1320706W C) , BR18V1C (BOM: P1320707W C) , BR18V1E (BOM: P1320706W B) , BR18V1E (BOM: P1320707W B) , BR18V1S (BOM: P1320706W S) , BR18V1S (BOM: P1320707W S) , BR18V1W (BOM: P1320706W W) , BR18V1W (BOM: P1320707W W) , BR18V2C (BOM: P1320708W C) , BR18V2C (BOM: P1320709W C) , BR18V2E (BOM: P1320708W B) , BR18V2E (BOM: P1320709W B) , BR18V2S (BOM: P1320708W S) , BR18V2S (BOM: P1320709W S) , BR18V2W (BOM: P1320708W W) , BR18V2W (BOM: P1320709W W) , BR18VC (BOM: P1320703W C) , BR18VE (BOM: P1320703W E) , BR18VL (BOM: P1320703W L) , BR18VSE (BOM: P1320703W S) , BR18VW (BOM: P1320703W W) , BR22S6E (BOM: P1196703W E) , BR22S6E (BOM: P1196706W E) , BR22S6L (BOM: P1196703W L) , BR22S6L (BOM: P1196706W L) , BR22S6W (BOM: P1196703W W) , BR22S6W (BOM: P1196706W W) , BR22TE (BOM: P1196709W E) , BR22TE (BOM: P1196710W E) , BR22TL (BOM: P1196709W L) , BR22TL (BOM: P1196710W L) , BR22TW (BOM: P1196709W W) , BR22TW (BOM: P1196710W W) , BR22V1C (BOM: P1325024W C) , BR22V1C (BOM: P1325025W C) , BR22V1E (BOM: P1325024W B) , BR22V1E (BOM: P1325025W B) , BR22V1W (BOM: P1325024W W) , BR22V1W (BOM: P1325025W W) , BR22VC (BOM: P1325003W C) , BR22VC (BOM: P1325015W C) , BR22VE (BOM: P1321505W E) , BR22VE (BOM: P1325003W E) , BR22VE (BOM: P1325015W B) , BR22VL (BOM: P1321505W L) , BR22VL (BOM: P1325003W L) , BR22VW (BOM: P1321505W W) , BR22VW (BOM: P1325003W W) , BR22VW (BOM: P1325015W W) , BRD18V1C (BOM: P1326501W C) , BRD18V1C (BOM: P1326502W C) , BRD18V1E (BOM: P1326501W B) , BRD18V1E (BOM: P1326502W B) , BRD18V1S (BOM: P1326501W S) , BRD18V1S (BOM: P1326502W S) , BRD18V1W (BOM: P1326501W W) , BRD18V1W (BOM: P1326502W W) , BRD18V2C (BOM: P1326503W C) , BRD18V2C (BOM: P1326504W C) , BRD18V2E (BOM: P1326503W B) , BRD18V2E (BOM: P1326504W B) , BRD18V2S (BOM: P1326503W S) , BRD18V2S (BOM: P1326504W S) , BRD18V2W (BOM: P1326503W W) , BRD18V2W (BOM: P1326504W W) , BRF20TE (BOM: P1199201W E) , BRF20TE (BOM: P1199202W E) , BRF20TL (BOM: P1199201W L) , BRF20TL (BOM: P1199202W L) , BRF20TLW (BOM: P1199201W L) , BRF20TW (BOM: P1199201W W) , BRF20TW (BOM: P1199202W W) , BRF20V1C (BOM: P1321313W C) , BRF20V1CPCR (BOM: P1321316W C) , BRF20V1CPER (BOM: P1321316W B) , BRF20V1CPSR (BOM: P1321316W S) , BRF20V1CPWR (BOM: P1321316W W) , BRF20V1E (BOM: P1321313W B) , BRF20V1S (BOM: P1321313W S) , BRF20V1W (BOM: P1321313W W) , BRF20VC (BOM: P1321303W C) , BRF20VC (BOM: P1321309W C) , BRF20VCPC (BOM: P1321306X C) , BRF20VCPCR (BOM: P1321312W C) , BRF20VCPE (BOM: P1321306X E) , BRF20VCPER (BOM: P1321312W B) , BRF20VCPSE (BOM: P1321306X S) , BRF20VCPSER (BOM: P1321312W S) , BRF20VCPW (BOM: P1321306X W) , BRF20VCPWR (BOM: P1321312W W) , BRF20VE (BOM: P1321303W E) , BRF20VE (BOM: P1321309W B) , BRF20VL (BOM: P1321303W L) , BRF20VSE (BOM: P1321303W S) , BRF20VSE (BOM: P1321309W S) , BRF20VW (BOM: P1321303W W) , BRF20VW (BOM: P1321309W W) , BS20RB (BOM: P1161507W) , BS20RBL (BOM: P1161507W L) , BS20RBW (BOM: P1161507W W) , BX20R (BOM: P1161503W) , BX20R (BOM: P1161506W) , BX20RE (BOM: P1161503W E) , BX20RE (BOM: P1161506W E) , BX20RG (BOM: P1161503W G) , BX20RL (BOM: P1161503W L) , BX20RL (BOM: P1161506W L) , BX20RW (BOM: P1161503W W) , BX20RW (BOM: P1161506W W) , BX20S5E (BOM: P1196502W E) , BX20S5E (BOM: P1196504W E) , BX20S5E (BOM: P1196506W E) , BX20S5E (BOM: P1196507W E) , BX20S5E (BOM: P1196508W E) , BX20S5L (BOM: P1196502W L) , BX20S5L (BOM: P1196504W L) , BX20S5L (BOM: P1196506W L) , BX20S5L (BOM: P1196507W L) , BX20S5L (BOM: P1196508W L) , BX20S5W (BOM: P1196502W W) , BX20S5W (BOM: P1196504W W) , BX20S5W (BOM: P1196506W W) , BX20S5W (BOM: P1196507W W) , BX20S5W (BOM: P1196508W W) , BX21TE (BOM: P1196513W E) , BX21TE (BOM: P1196515W E) , BX21TL (BOM: P1196513W L) , BX21TL (BOM: P1196515W L) , BX21TW (BOM: P1196512W W) , BX21TW (BOM: P1196513W W) , BX21TW (BOM: P1196515W W) , BX21V1C (BOM: P1325021W C) , BX21V1C (BOM: P1325028W C) , BX21V1E (BOM: P1325028W B) , BX21V1W (BOM: P1325021W W) , BX21V1W (BOM: P1325028W W) , BX21V2C (BOM: P1325031W C) , BX21V2C (BOM: P1325032W C) , BX21V2E (BOM: P1325031W B) , BX21V2E (BOM: P1325032W B) , BX21V2W (BOM: P1325031W W) , BX21V2W (BOM: P1325032W W) , BX21VC (BOM: P1325002W C) , BX21VE (BOM: P1321503W E) , BX21VE (BOM: P1325002W E) , BX21VE (BOM: P1325014W B) , BX21VL (BOM: P1321503W L) , BX21VL (BOM: P1325002W L) , BX21VW (BOM: P1321503W W) , BX21VW (BOM: P1325002W W) , BX22A2E (BOM: P1161606W E) , BX22A2L (BOM: P1161606W L) , BX22A2W (BOM: P1161606W W) , BX22A5L (BOM: P1182302W L) , BX22A5W (BOM: P1182302W W) , BX22R3E (BOM: P1183601W E) , BX22R3L (BOM: P1183601W L) , BX22R3W (BOM: P1183601W W) , BX22RE (BOM: P1161602W E) , BX22RE (BOM: P1161604W E) , BX22RL (BOM: P1161602W L) , BX22RL (BOM: P1161604W L) , BX22RW (BOM: P1161602W W) , BX22RW (BOM: P1161604W W) , BX22S5E (BOM: P1196701W E) , BX22S5E (BOM: P1196704W E) , BX22S5E (BOM: P1196705W E) , BX22S5E (BOM: P1196707W E) , BX22S5E (BOM: P1196708W E) , BX22S5L (BOM: P1196701W L) , BX22S5L (BOM: P1196704W L) , BX22S5L (BOM: P1196705W L) , BX22S5L (BOM: P1196707W L) , BX22S5L (BOM: P1196708W L) , BX22S5W (BOM: P1196701W W) , BX22S5W (BOM: P1196704W W) , BX22S5W (BOM: P1196705W W) , BX22S5W (BOM: P1196707W W) , BX22S5W (BOM: P1196708W W) , BX22TE (BOM: P1196711W E) , BX22TL (BOM: P1196711W L) , BX22TW (BOM: P1196711W W) , BXF19TL (BOM: P1311901W L) , BXF19TW (BOM: P1311901W W) , BXI21VE (BOM: P1321504W E) , BXI21VL (BOM: P1321504W L) , BXI21VW (BOM: P1321504W W) , BXI22S5E (BOM: P1196601W E) , BXI22S5E (BOM: P1196602W E) , BXI22S5E (BOM: P1196603W E) , BXI22S5L (BOM: P1196601W L) , BXI22S5L (BOM: P1196602W L) , BXI22S5L (BOM: P1196603W L) , BXI22S5W (BOM: P1196601W W) , BXI22S5W (BOM: P1196602W W) , BXI22S5W (BOM: P1196603W W) , BZ20R (BOM: P1161501W) , BZ20R (BOM: P1161504W) , BZ20RE (BOM: P1161501W E) , BZ20RE (BOM: P1161504W E) , BZ20RG (BOM: P1161501W G) , BZ20RL (BOM: P1161501W L) , BZ20RL (BOM: P1161504W L) , BZ20RW (BOM: P1161501W W) , BZ20RW (BOM: P1161504W W) , BZ22R3E (BOM: P1183602W E) , BZ22R3L (BOM: P1183602W L) , BZ22R3W (BOM: P1183602W W) , BZ22R5L (BOM: P1182301W L) , BZ22R5W (BOM: P1182301W W) , BZ22RE (BOM: P1161601W E) , BZ22RE (BOM: P1161603W E) , BZ22RL (BOM: P1161601W L) , BZ22RL (BOM: P1161603W L) , BZ22RW (BOM: P1161601W W) , BZ22RW (BOM: P1161603W W) , DRB1801AC (BOM: PDRB1801AC0) , DRB1801AC (BOM: PDRB1801AC1) , DRB1801AW (BOM: PDRB1801AW0) , DRB1801AW (BOM: PDRB1801AW1) , DRB1802AC (BOM: PDRB1802AC0) , DRB1802AW (BOM: PDRB1802AW0) , DRB2101AC (BOM: PDRB2101AC0) , DRB2101AW (BOM: PDRB2101AW0) , DRB2101BC (BOM: PDRB2101BC0) , DRB2101BC (BOM: PDRB2101BC1) , DRB2101BW (BOM: PDRB2101BW0) , DRB2101BW (BOM: PDRB2101BW1) ,

Replaces: 4344225, 4344225, C8946702, C8946702

See #1101 on the Diagram

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