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Ice Aid® - Antibacterial Freezer Deodorizer

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$9.95   FM3

Ice Aid® - Antibacterial Freezer Deodorizer
is specially formulated to effectively absorb ice cube and freezer odors.

■ Traps odors circulating in freezer air before they are frozen in ice cubes.
■ Laboratory tested to remove more than 95% of odour molecules
■ Quickly absorbs odors caused by freezer malfunction.
■ Contains a high absorbency honeycomb filter block filled with activated natural charcoal Lasts up to 6 months.

Due to the freezing temperature 0 ⁰ F inside the freezer this temperature will freeze the odor molecule this is why the smell from refrigerator more noticeable from freezer. When the evaporator heater going into defrosts it dissolve the freezing odor molecule… When the defrost cycle collapse, the fan cut in to circulate the odor and permitted into the frozen food and ice cubes. The Ice Aid is special design just for this reason.

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