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Diagram for 01 - Cooktop Parts
01 - Cooktop Parts
Diagram for 02 - Blower Unit Parts
02 - Blower Unit Parts
Diagram for 03 - Burner Box Assy
03 - Burner Box Assy
Diagram for 04 - Optional Parts
04 - Optional Parts

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Diagram # Part Number Description Series Availability Ships Price Add to Cart
NI N/P Following Parts Not Illustrated Not Available -  
NI W10277481 Wiring Harness Parts, Harness, Main Not Available -  
NI WA906B Accessories, Cooktop Scraper In-Stock Immediately $ 3.05
NI 31462A Accessories, Cleaner, Stainless Steel In-Stock Immediately $ 7.13
NI 31682 Accessories, Appliance Cleaner In-Stock Immediately $ 5.09
NI W10277479 Wiring Harness Parts, Harness, Element Not Available -  
NI W10206684 Wiring Harness Parts, Harness, Ui Board Not Available -  
NI WPW10219714 Wiring Harness Parts, Transformer, Low Voltage Special Order Approx 10 Days $ 94.59
NI W10254706 Wiring Harness Parts, Harness, Am Board Not Available -  
NI W10192073 Wiring Harness Parts, Harness, Blower Switch In-Stock Immediately $ 71.74
NI W10177003 Accessories, Filter(ductless) Special Order Approx 10 Days $ 48.95
NI W10355051 Accessories, Cooktop Cleaner In-Stock Immediately $ 4.58
NI 31463A Accessories, Cooktop Protectant In-Stock Immediately $ 10.70

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Diagram for JED4536WB02